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8:30AM - Multple Events: Equestrian, Weightlifting, Fencing, Handball

This is one of the busiest hours of the games as the team and individual jumping portion of the eventing competition in equestrian takes place. There is a huge matchup going on in men's handball between Demark and South Korea. Also, we're watching the finals in men's fencing and weightlifting.

11:51AM - Well this win and this night has meant so much for Germany, as they will go home with a sweep of the eventing competitions.

Here are the final results:
Gold - GER Hinrich Romeike/Marius 54.20
Silver - USA Gina Miles/Mckinlaigh 56.10
Bronze - GBR Kristina Cook/Miners Frolic 57.40

That concludes the competition in equestrian eventing and on Day 4 of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad. Remember to check out our main site: http://nowsportsamerica.blogspot.com for a full recap on Day 4 of competition. Thanks for letting NOW Sports be part of your Olympic experience.

11:49AM - Another perfect ride for the German as he CAPTURES GOLD for Germany, a follow-up gold after winning the team competition. And a great result for the American Gina Miles, who wins a silver in the individual eventing competition.

11:47AM - German rider Ingrid Klimke needed to be flawless and a rail went down early in this jump so Gina Miles will get silver. She is placed in fourth so American Gina Miles has a HUGE CHANCE to win gold as Hinrich Romeike is the final rider of this competition.

11:45AM - And Jones has opened the door for Miles. The ride was too slow and a rail went down on the final jump so Jones will be placed in third with two riders to go. Which means that Miles is guaranteed a medal.

11:44AM - Final three riders. Here we have Australian Megan Jones.

11:42AM - And a fantastic ride for Miles and she is now in medal contention to give the Americans a possible medal in the eventing competition in equestrian. A great ride for her, no penalties and she looked spectacular.

11:41AM - Time for the American hopeful, Gina Miles, riding on Mckinlaigh.

11:40AM - German rider Andreas Dibowski, part of that gold medal winning team earlier tonight, has a two downed rails and he is put outside of the medals.

11:37AM - And a downed rail on the final few jumps will hurt the Australian as Fredericks is dropped to third position. And we have arrived at the final five riders.

11:35AM - And its another flawless performance for Cooke and she is now in gold medal position with six riders to go. Among them are three Germans, one American and two Australians, inlcuding Clayton Fredericks who is up next.

11:32AM - Johnson is now currently in third position with a veteran rider now coming up for Great Britain. Kristina Cook is up and riding on top of Miners Frolic.

11:30AM - Sonja Johnson up for Australia aboard Ringwould jaguar and she already has one rail down. With the competition now this high, riders can't afford to allow a rail to go down. Johnson just competed nearly an hour ago for Australia that won the silver medal.

11:29AM - A perfect ride has thrilled the spectators in Hong Kong and he takes first place and goes under 60. That's the first score under 60 in this individual jumping portion.

11:26AM - Belgium's Karin Donckers is almost flawless in this ride with the exception of the downed rail in the middle of her ride. She takes over first place. as Didier Dhennin is up next.

11:24AM - Big ride for Mary King as she takes over the top of the leaderboard and we arrive to our final ten riders.

11:22AM - And Fox-Pitt takes the lead after riding very quickly through the course with only one rail going down. And Mary King of Great Britain is up next on the course.

11:20AM - William Fox-Pitt of Great Britain up next as Algotsson is currently ranked second with a 68.30 score.

11:17AM - Philipp Dutton of the United States with a perfectly clean ride and that will post the best score of the night in show jumping. As Linda Algotsson of Sweden starts her ride.

11:12AM - We're back and watching the individual eventing final as the show jumping portion unfolds in Hong Kong. Medals to be decided in this event as the Germans earlier won the team eventing final in equestrian.

9:45AM - So a big win for the Germans as they capture equestrian team gold in eventing. We will be back later today for the final medal event of Day 4, the individual jumping portion in individual eventing.

9:42AM - And Germany will definitely win gold. A great ride, a fast ride and with only one penalty, it will be Germany, Australia and Great Britain finishing 1-2-3.

9:38AM - A huge ride for Megan Jones, only one rail went down and this puts a lot of pressure on Germany to maintain their lead. Australia will be put into the gold medal position and its up to Germany to overtake them.

9:36AM - It looked like it was going to be a perfect ride until several rails fell on the final jumps. But Great Britain should still come out with a medal and they do as they are in bronze medal position. They will win the bronze and the battle is now between Germany and Australia.

9:33AM - Well, we're going to update you on the latest going on in soccer as the final round of preliminary play is taking place. Meanwhile, we put extra focus on the eventing finals as Mary King of the United Kingdom will help anchor the UK to a possible medal.

9:30AM - New Zealand is in fifth as we look at Roberto for Italy.

9:27AM - Sweden's last ride was fantastic and perfect as they take USA's place in fourth position so a great final ride for them as we now take a look at New Zealand.

9:25AM - Gina Miles give the United States a great ride as she scores of 56.10 and the United States is currently fourth in the team standings. Good team result for the USA but I don't think that placement will stand, we'll have to see.

9:20AM - Kyle Carter's ride for Canada puts them into seventh place.

9:16AM - Final group of riders are currently on the course now. It will be awhile until we see the medal contenders decide this team competition.

9:13AM - Update from soccer and the goal differential has just gotten closer as Japan has just scored to taken a 4-1 lead over Norway in what is really a shocking development considering how strong Norway looked in the tournament.

9:09AM - This was a great ride for Australia and Clayton Fredericks as they take second place. Germany's Ingrid Klimke just jumped over the course and they have a strong lead as well. But in the team competition, there are a lot of factors out there that could change those standings.

9:07AM - Great Britain after their pentultimate rider, has take second place in the team standings. Clayton of Australia is now on the course trying to preserve the lead that Australia has over Germany.

9:01AM - I want to update you now on the latest going on in women's soccer. USA will move on to the medal round as they have currently a 4-0 lead over New Zealand. Japan, who is in the same group as the United States was fighting for that last spot as well and though they have a 2-1 lead over Norway, the goal differential will work against them.

8:59AM - So its Germany, Australia, Great Britain that are fighting at for the top three spots. Ireland is in the mix as well. Germany was leading after the cross country event and Australia was in second.

8:52AM - Back to eventing, Austin O'Connor for Ireland is currently on the course. Each individual rider is currently competing for their team. The individual eventing jumps will take place later tonight and we will have the action live for you there too. The United States is currently in sixth place with one rider remaining.

8:50AM - I want to update you now on what's been going on in fencing. China has won an improbably gold medal in the men's individual sabre event. Romania and France won silver and bronze.

8:47AM - Back to eventing, as the horses and riders compete for gold, silver and bronze in team and individual eventing. It is a long process that has played out over four days as riders and horses compete in the three disciplines of equestrian: dressage, cross-country and jumping.

8:39AM - So China wins another gold in weightlifting and Vencelas Dabaya-Tientcheu wins silver for France.

8:37AM - And Dabaya from France just can't lift 197kg, but he has one more attempt to do so. Otherwise, it looks like its going to be another Chinese gold in weightlifting.

8:34PM - The individual event is also still very close. Meanwhile, China is going for more gold in men's weightlifting. The Men's 69kg weight class final is going on and Liao Hui just successfully lifted a 190kg on his third and final attempt in the clean and jerk.

8:30AM - Germany and Australia are fighting each other for gold and silver in the equestrian eventing final going on in Hong Kong.

8:27AM - South Korea has just defeated Denmark off of a late goal. This game has been very tight throughout and it was S.Y. Jung who was able to get the game winning goal for Korea. Final score: Korea 31, Denmark 30.

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