Saturday, August 16, 2008

LIVE Day 9 Competiton Blog

It is the BUSIEST DAY OF COMPETITION of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing, China. There will be 39 sets of medals awarded today, everywhere from swimming to track and field, and nearly everything in between. I know yesterday's LIVE BLOG didn't work out so well, but I'm back home where its easier to control my sleeping habits.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Day 7 - LIVE BLOG starts at 10PM

There are lots of finals going on at this day and NOW Sports is with you for all the action in our first ALL DAY LIVE BLOG. We'll see how long we can go throughout the entire day and we start with swimming.

Thursday, August 14, 2008

10PM - LIVE Swimming Finals, 11:30PM - Gymnastics: Women's Individual All-Around Final

It's slated to be another long night as finals take place in swimming and the most anticipated event in gymnastics--the women's individual all-around--occurs at the National Indoor Stadium. NOW Sports is here to cover all the exciting action.

8:30AM - Men's Basketball, USA vs. Greece (JIP)

We join the action from this men's preliminary basketball game already in progress.

9:43AM - Well that will be all for now, thanks for joining us here on NOW Sports. remember to go to our main website at for continuing coverage of Day 6 at the Games of the XXIX Olympiad.

9:42AM - Final Score, United States 92, Greece 69. It was another showcase of talent from the United States as Greece, the last team that defeated team USA, isn't able to do so here. Chris Bosh and Kobe Bryant each finish with 18 points, Dwayne Wade with 17, and Lebron James finishes with 13 and six assists ans six rebounds.

9:40AM - And Spain defeated Germany earlier today so it will be a battle of undefeated teams on Saturday in what should be an epic showdown.

9:39AM - Final 60 seconds in this game and the United States will go undefeated in this tournament.

9:36AM - Greece will face Angola and then China, two games that Greece has a shot to win in. And the United States will face Spain and then Germany. The game versus Spain is expected to be a huge matchup as Spain are the defending world champions. And if anybody can defeat the United States, it is Spain.

9:34AM - There are only two more games left for both teams in the preliminary round. Greece with a record of what will now be 1-2, will have to win their next two games for any chance of getting to the knockout stage.

9:32AM - So as the action here starts to wind down, with about four minutes left in the quarter, we start to look ahead at the schedule for the United States and Greece.

9:29AM - Lost of missed shots. I haven't seen any scoring since 7:50 in the fourth. lost of turnovers too

9:28AM - Substitution made for the United States as Michael Reed comes in for Lebron James.

9:25AM - Now the lead is extended to 23 and now this game is just a showcase of American basketball at its best.

9:22AM - Ok so we're back now to basketball as we look at the fourth quarter and the United States has their largest lead of the game.

9:20AM - So Roger Federer is eliminated, which ruins the prospect of a possible Federer-Nadal matchup in the final as James Blake advances into the semifinal round.

9:19AM - And as the United States has a 20 point lead in basketball, the U.S. has a huge hopeful in tennis behind James Blake as he finishes the match of his career after defeating Roger Federer, 6-4, 7-6. It's an upset of Olympic-style proportions.

9:18AM - Four match points for Blake

9:16AM - I'm going to switch my attention to tennis for just a second. James Bake is about to make a lot of noise as he has a set lead and we are in the tiebreak and Blake leads 4-2 over Roger Federer.

9:14AM - 70-52, an 18-point lead for the United States. Now cut down to 16 points as Pelekanos makes the two-pointer after the defensive rebound.

9:11AM - Absolutely excellent defense and USA basketball has been quite an entertaining show in Beijing.

9:10AM - James and Bosh making superb blocks as Deron Williams commits the foul.

9:09AM - Another 3-pointer made but the United States have been making shots too so they need to put up some huge defensive plays or else this upstart offense will get nowhere.

9:08AM - Well Fotsis and Greece tried to keep their hands on the ball but Jason Kidd with the steal and a good followup by Kobe Bryant.

9:06AM - The defense from both teams has really improved, especially Greece. Lots of defensive rebounds and blocks going on as the U.S. has a 21 point lead.

9:04AM - Greece shooting from the outside as Paploukas adds a three. Cuts the lead to 17 as Spanoulis blcoks the shot.

9:02AM - The defense has really been running well as Greece makes a three-pointer via Antonios Fotsis. Kobe Bryant follows up with a layup and a foul.

8:56AM - Let's take a look at some of the stats from this basketball game so far. Chris Bosh leads the U.S. as he is 4-for-5 in field goals and has 12 points. The scoring is spread out for the American team. Four players in double digits, including Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Dwayne Wade.

8:51AM - And Serena Williams has an easy lead over Elena Dementieva in her quarterfinal as she currently has a 6-3, 2-1 lead.

8:48AM - While we have a chance, let's take a look at what's going on in other sports, specifically tennis. Live right now, James Blake has a one set lead over Roger Federer as the two are currently on serve in the second set.

8:44AM - The United States has prepared well for this game, and it definitely shows as Greece can't seem to handle them. It's halftime: USA 51, Greece 32

8:41AM - As the first half comes to a close, we're really seeing how deep this United States team is and what's more important is the incredible chemistry between the players on the floor.

8:40AM - And the United States is starting to pull away, and they are doing so at about the same time that they have pulled away on the other two games that they have played so far.

8:37AM - So far, Greece just looks overwhelmed. They are trying to put the pressure in the paint, but most of the time, Greece can't even get there in time as the United States is really playing excellent transition basketball.

8:35AM - Most of you know the story between these two teams. Greece defeated the United States in a shocking semifinal at the world championships in 2006.

8:34AM - Another very anticipated matchup for Team USA as they currently have a 10 point lead.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

10PM - LIVE Swimming Finals, 11PM - LIVE Men's Individual All-Around Final

Two exciting events for you tonight on our live blog:
- more swimming finals action from the Water Cube, highlights include the men's 100m freestyle
- Men's Individual All-Around Final in artistic gymnastics, Yang Wei goes for Individual Glory to share with the host nation

Coverage starts at 10PM, don't miss any of the action.

8:30AM - Women's Volleyball, Men's Soccer:

Good evening or good morning. Wherever you are, thanks for joining us for this live blog on the preliminary round action in soccer and volleyball.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

10PM - LIVE Swimming Finals and Women's Team Final

8:30AM - Multple Events: Equestrian, Weightlifting, Fencing, Handball

This is one of the busiest hours of the games as the team and individual jumping portion of the eventing competition in equestrian takes place. There is a huge matchup going on in men's handball between Demark and South Korea. Also, we're watching the finals in men's fencing and weightlifting.

11:51AM - Well this win and this night has meant so much for Germany, as they will go home with a sweep of the eventing competitions.

Here are the final results:
Gold - GER Hinrich Romeike/Marius 54.20
Silver - USA Gina Miles/Mckinlaigh 56.10
Bronze - GBR Kristina Cook/Miners Frolic 57.40

That concludes the competition in equestrian eventing and on Day 4 of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad. Remember to check out our main site: for a full recap on Day 4 of competition. Thanks for letting NOW Sports be part of your Olympic experience.

11:49AM - Another perfect ride for the German as he CAPTURES GOLD for Germany, a follow-up gold after winning the team competition. And a great result for the American Gina Miles, who wins a silver in the individual eventing competition.

11:47AM - German rider Ingrid Klimke needed to be flawless and a rail went down early in this jump so Gina Miles will get silver. She is placed in fourth so American Gina Miles has a HUGE CHANCE to win gold as Hinrich Romeike is the final rider of this competition.

11:45AM - And Jones has opened the door for Miles. The ride was too slow and a rail went down on the final jump so Jones will be placed in third with two riders to go. Which means that Miles is guaranteed a medal.

11:44AM - Final three riders. Here we have Australian Megan Jones.

11:42AM - And a fantastic ride for Miles and she is now in medal contention to give the Americans a possible medal in the eventing competition in equestrian. A great ride for her, no penalties and she looked spectacular.

11:41AM - Time for the American hopeful, Gina Miles, riding on Mckinlaigh.

11:40AM - German rider Andreas Dibowski, part of that gold medal winning team earlier tonight, has a two downed rails and he is put outside of the medals.

11:37AM - And a downed rail on the final few jumps will hurt the Australian as Fredericks is dropped to third position. And we have arrived at the final five riders.

11:35AM - And its another flawless performance for Cooke and she is now in gold medal position with six riders to go. Among them are three Germans, one American and two Australians, inlcuding Clayton Fredericks who is up next.

11:32AM - Johnson is now currently in third position with a veteran rider now coming up for Great Britain. Kristina Cook is up and riding on top of Miners Frolic.

11:30AM - Sonja Johnson up for Australia aboard Ringwould jaguar and she already has one rail down. With the competition now this high, riders can't afford to allow a rail to go down. Johnson just competed nearly an hour ago for Australia that won the silver medal.

11:29AM - A perfect ride has thrilled the spectators in Hong Kong and he takes first place and goes under 60. That's the first score under 60 in this individual jumping portion.

11:26AM - Belgium's Karin Donckers is almost flawless in this ride with the exception of the downed rail in the middle of her ride. She takes over first place. as Didier Dhennin is up next.

11:24AM - Big ride for Mary King as she takes over the top of the leaderboard and we arrive to our final ten riders.

11:22AM - And Fox-Pitt takes the lead after riding very quickly through the course with only one rail going down. And Mary King of Great Britain is up next on the course.

11:20AM - William Fox-Pitt of Great Britain up next as Algotsson is currently ranked second with a 68.30 score.

11:17AM - Philipp Dutton of the United States with a perfectly clean ride and that will post the best score of the night in show jumping. As Linda Algotsson of Sweden starts her ride.

11:12AM - We're back and watching the individual eventing final as the show jumping portion unfolds in Hong Kong. Medals to be decided in this event as the Germans earlier won the team eventing final in equestrian.

9:45AM - So a big win for the Germans as they capture equestrian team gold in eventing. We will be back later today for the final medal event of Day 4, the individual jumping portion in individual eventing.

9:42AM - And Germany will definitely win gold. A great ride, a fast ride and with only one penalty, it will be Germany, Australia and Great Britain finishing 1-2-3.

9:38AM - A huge ride for Megan Jones, only one rail went down and this puts a lot of pressure on Germany to maintain their lead. Australia will be put into the gold medal position and its up to Germany to overtake them.

9:36AM - It looked like it was going to be a perfect ride until several rails fell on the final jumps. But Great Britain should still come out with a medal and they do as they are in bronze medal position. They will win the bronze and the battle is now between Germany and Australia.

9:33AM - Well, we're going to update you on the latest going on in soccer as the final round of preliminary play is taking place. Meanwhile, we put extra focus on the eventing finals as Mary King of the United Kingdom will help anchor the UK to a possible medal.

9:30AM - New Zealand is in fifth as we look at Roberto for Italy.

9:27AM - Sweden's last ride was fantastic and perfect as they take USA's place in fourth position so a great final ride for them as we now take a look at New Zealand.

9:25AM - Gina Miles give the United States a great ride as she scores of 56.10 and the United States is currently fourth in the team standings. Good team result for the USA but I don't think that placement will stand, we'll have to see.

9:20AM - Kyle Carter's ride for Canada puts them into seventh place.

9:16AM - Final group of riders are currently on the course now. It will be awhile until we see the medal contenders decide this team competition.

9:13AM - Update from soccer and the goal differential has just gotten closer as Japan has just scored to taken a 4-1 lead over Norway in what is really a shocking development considering how strong Norway looked in the tournament.

9:09AM - This was a great ride for Australia and Clayton Fredericks as they take second place. Germany's Ingrid Klimke just jumped over the course and they have a strong lead as well. But in the team competition, there are a lot of factors out there that could change those standings.

9:07AM - Great Britain after their pentultimate rider, has take second place in the team standings. Clayton of Australia is now on the course trying to preserve the lead that Australia has over Germany.

9:01AM - I want to update you now on the latest going on in women's soccer. USA will move on to the medal round as they have currently a 4-0 lead over New Zealand. Japan, who is in the same group as the United States was fighting for that last spot as well and though they have a 2-1 lead over Norway, the goal differential will work against them.

8:59AM - So its Germany, Australia, Great Britain that are fighting at for the top three spots. Ireland is in the mix as well. Germany was leading after the cross country event and Australia was in second.

8:52AM - Back to eventing, Austin O'Connor for Ireland is currently on the course. Each individual rider is currently competing for their team. The individual eventing jumps will take place later tonight and we will have the action live for you there too. The United States is currently in sixth place with one rider remaining.

8:50AM - I want to update you now on what's been going on in fencing. China has won an improbably gold medal in the men's individual sabre event. Romania and France won silver and bronze.

8:47AM - Back to eventing, as the horses and riders compete for gold, silver and bronze in team and individual eventing. It is a long process that has played out over four days as riders and horses compete in the three disciplines of equestrian: dressage, cross-country and jumping.

8:39AM - So China wins another gold in weightlifting and Vencelas Dabaya-Tientcheu wins silver for France.

8:37AM - And Dabaya from France just can't lift 197kg, but he has one more attempt to do so. Otherwise, it looks like its going to be another Chinese gold in weightlifting.

8:34PM - The individual event is also still very close. Meanwhile, China is going for more gold in men's weightlifting. The Men's 69kg weight class final is going on and Liao Hui just successfully lifted a 190kg on his third and final attempt in the clean and jerk.

8:30AM - Germany and Australia are fighting each other for gold and silver in the equestrian eventing final going on in Hong Kong.

8:27AM - South Korea has just defeated Denmark off of a late goal. This game has been very tight throughout and it was S.Y. Jung who was able to get the game winning goal for Korea. Final score: Korea 31, Denmark 30.

Monday, August 11, 2008

10PM - LIVE Swimming Finals and Men's Gymnastics Team Final

We're going to try something new here by using this LIVE BLOG 2.0 technology that I found on Yahoo! Sports.

Anyway, at 10PM, we're going to cover one of the busiest mornings in Beijing so far in these Olympics as finals take place in swimming and the team final takes place in men's gymnastics.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

10PM - LIVE Swimming Finals

We are back with LIVE BLOG coverage of the swimming finals that are happening now at the pool in the Water Cube. Remember to go to for continuous updates on Day 3 of competition. Four more finals to be contested today, including the men's 100m breaststroke.

11:41PM - Well, what more can I say other than the fact that I love sports and today's swimming competition was just another reason why. It'll be hard to top this kind of excitement and I have to say thank god NBC secured rights to have this thing shown live.

Thanks for joining us for our live blog. Go to for the latest updates on Day 3 of competition.

11:34PM - What an ending to the swimming competition on Day 3! There were so many stories coming into this race, among them the world record set by the United States in the preliminaries, the remarks said by Alain Bernard that France will crush the United States, and Michael Phelps's bid for eight gold medals. All of those stories came together in this one race and a new world record was just icing on the cake. This race will probably go down as one of the best races in swimming history, if not the best.

11:31PM - WORLD RECORD UPSET OF OLYMPIC PROPORTIONS! France was the overwhelming favorite coming into this race and they had a huge lead coming into the final 50 meters and the United States, thanks to Jason Lezak gives the United States A GOLD MEDAL WIN FOR THE AGES!

11:28PM - Also at stake here is Michael Phelps's gold medal collection. He is in the pool first for the United States as Australia has the lead after the first 100 meters.

11:26PM - How can you follow up the excitement of the last race? Well the Men's 4x100 meter freestyle relay can very well do so. France is the overwhelming favorite, BUT the United States did set a world record in the preliminaries earlier today. Only one of the four members of the U.S. team racing this morning was part of that world record setting team last night.

11:23PM - What a finish in the women's 400 freestyle. 4:03.22 is the winning time for Rebecca Adlington as Great Britain grabs its first swimming gold medal of these games. She just barely out touched Katie Hoff who looked like she was going to win it when she had the lead coming into the final 50 meters. What a comeback and surge from Adlington and what was supposed to be an American domination of the medals has so far turned into a very diverse distribution at the Water Cube.

11:13PM - Women's 400 meter freestyle final is coming up and it is loaded with stars. Federica Pellegrini is the favorite in this race after setting the Olympic record yesterday in Beijing. She is also the world record holder in this event, when she set it at the world championships earlier this year. American favorite Katie Hoff is hear, looking for her first gold medal of these games after receiving a bronze in yesterday's 400m IM.

11:08PM - Medal ceremony now for Kosuke Kitajima's win in the 100 meter breaststroke.

11:02PM - New Olympic record in this event, set by the Australian Hayden Stoeckl, as Peirson and Grevers finish in the top 3. Grevers finishes with the second top qualifying time and Britain will be hoping for a medal tomorrow as Liam Tancock has qualified for tomorrow's final also.

11PM - In the middle of the Men's 100m backstroke semifinals where American Aaron Peirson and his compatriot Matt Grevers are looking for a spot in the final.

10:35PM - Both Norway and Japan have something to celebrate about as action at the pool continues.

10:33PM - So much for the rivalry between Hansen and Kitajima. Instead, Kitajima and Oen may have a new found rivalry as they were tight together coming into the final 50 meters. Oen had the lead after the first half of the race but Kitajima scores the gold medal for Japan and it's done in world record time. Brendan Hansen, in his only individual event, is shut out of the medals.

10:30PM - Another big final coming up and its the men's 100m breaststroke. All of Japan is looking towards this event as Kosuke Kitajima looks for gold. Brendan Hansen is in this final and the rivalry could easily be entertaining in this final. The Olympic record holder from Norway Alexander Dale Oen is a big threat to both athletes.

10:27PM - First Australian gold medal of these Beijing Olympics is scored in the women's 100m butterfly. Libby Trickett led the entire way and her compatriot, Jessica Schipper wins bronze. Christine Magnunson, the young American swimmer, won a silver medal in her Olympic final debut. Looks like a great future ahead for her.

10:25PM - First final of the morning and the women's 100m butterfly is up next. Look out for the young swimmer from the United States, Magnunson, and two Australians here as well, including Trickett and Schipper.

10:21PM - Meichtry of Switzerland had the lead in this semifinal. But Vanderkaay surged to the front to win this semifinal heat. Phelps has another final tonight so no big deal for him to place third in this semifinal. Park advances to by placing second.

10:19PM - Heavy favorites in this semifinal including Park Tae-Hwan, also Peter Vanderkaay and Japanese swimmer Okamura here too. Besides Phelps of course.

10:14PM - So Michael Phelps will be making his first of two appearances this morning in the semifinals of the 200 meter freestyle. Meanwhile, South African swimmer Jean Bassoon finishes first in 1:46.13 in the first semifinal.

10:10PM - A new world record by Kirsty Coventry and it came by surprise. We don't really look at how fast they swim when it comes to the semifinal or preliminary heats. If Coventry is putting up a performance like this in the semifinal, just think of how she can perform tomorrow in the final. Coventry, 58.77 world record time, Margaret Hoelzer places third.

10:07PM - Kirsty Coventry is in this next semifinal and she beat Coughlin in the preliminary heats earlier today, though that wasn't the goal for either athlete during the preliminaries. American swimmer Margaret Hoelzer is in this semifinal as well.

10:04PM - And a very strong performance by Coughlin in her signature event. She got out very well and just looking at the replay, she was very close to the edge of her lane. Coughlin, Nakamura from Japan and Spofforth from Great Britain all swim under one minute.

10:01PM - Women's 100m Semifinals. This event broke many Olympic records last night (earlier this morning here in the U.S.) during the preliminaries. In this first semifinal, Natalie Coughlin, the reigning Olympic champion, tries for another Olympic final. She won silver with her teammates yesterday in the 4x100 meter freestyle relay.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

2:30AM: Men's Basketball - Spain vs. Greece

Men's preliminary basketball action continues from the Wukesong Basketball Gymnasium with Spain vs. Greece, a rematch of the world championship game played in Japan two years ago.

4:10AM - Greece now trying to trim their lead to below 10 as the game comes to an end. Attention now shifts to the upcoming USA vs. China game, which will be played later tonight (10AM EDT on NBC live). The final score: Spain 81, Greece 66.

Thanks for joining us on this live blog. We hope you join us again soon. Remember to check out for continuing coverage of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad.

4:06AM - Just an incredibly disappointing game for Greece. Nothing has really gone right for them, not free throws, not perimeter shots and definitely not their defense. Spain will come out with the win here as we get to the final two minutes of this game.

3:59AM - As the game winds down, let's take a look at who each team has to face next.

Spain will face China on Tuesday, then Germany on Thursday before facing the United States on Saturday. Spain will close out the preliminary round-robin by facing Angola.

Greece meanwhile, of course facing the same teams since they are in the same group as Spain, will face Germany, then the United States, and then Angola before closing out pool play with a game against China.

3:56AM - Spain with a 15-point lead as Greece continues to miss its shot and at this point, they just need to go for it and try to drive inside. Obviously the outside shooting isn't working, so they need to change it up and move the ball quickly. Meanwhile, Spain continues to add on the points.

3:51AM - Another Olympic update: Czech Republic's David Kostelecky has won the gold medal in the men's trap shooting competition with an Olympic record of 146 points. Giovanni Pelluelo wins silver with 143 points and after a bronze-medal shoot-off, Russia's Alexy Alipov won the bronze medal.

3:50AM - Spain really having all the control in this game and Greece just hasn't had the opportunity to score because of all the pressure Spain is putting on them. And the scoring for Spain has just been deep and obviously quite helpful. Neither team has been able to get many perimeter shots off but Spain has been able to drive inside. For Greece to have any sort of a chance, they need to move the ball quicker and shoot much better.

3:46AM - We're just looking at some of the other events going on right now as we get set for the final quarter of this game that is looking a lot like the world championship game.

Looks like rain has interfered with the women's cycling road race as they continue along with their route. Rain has also postponed events in the tennis competition.

3:44AM - Now a 14-point lead by Spain as the third quarter winds down.

3:35AM - Papaloukas able to get inside and draw the foul for a possible three point play. Unfortunately, Papaloukas has been the only one that really has been able to control the play and rhythm of Greece's play. Greece doesn't have the kind of depth that Spain has and they need more players to drive inside. Their passing game, though, has improved in this quarter.

3:31AM - Spain's Jose Calderon showing off one of his perimeter shots as the Spanish lead is extended. I don't think Greece can really come back into this game if they continue playing this way. Spain's defensive pressure has led to a lot of missed shots by Greece and there hasn't been many opportunities for them in the paint.

3:30AM - Juan Carlos Navarro provides one of the few successful outside shots of this game as Spain maintains a nine-point lead.

3:28AM - Second half underway, Spain with a six point lead. Pau Gasol able to extend that lead to eight with a shot off the glass.

3:19AM - While we have the opportunity, let's provide you with the latest on what is going on around Beijing as Day 2 of the Olympics continues. Right now, the men's trap final in shooting is taking place at the outdoor shooting range. Czech Republic's D. Kostelecky has the lead after 138 shots. Australia's Michael Diamon ranks second.

Tennis preliminaries are underway as Serena Williams is currently playing her first round match. James Blake was able to advance to the next round after a first round win earlier today.

Also ongoing is the women's cycling road race. The cyclists are less than 80 km from the finish line as they have been cycling for almost an hour and a half.

3:08AM - Spain has been offensively strong behind Rudy Fernandez and Pau Gasol while Greece doesn't look as organized. As I write this, Greece just pulls out the layup and the foul to bring Greece to within six points as the first half ends.

3:03AM - Spain starting to pull away as a timeout is taken. Current score is in favor of Spain 34-26. Greece needs to move the ball a little faster, a little more organized. Spain is very quick to set up its defense and its deep team puts up offensive points very easily.

2:59AM - Pau Gasol and Rudy Fernandez have helped to put Spain back on top just when we thought Greece could hold on to the lead. Spain putting up a lot of defensive pressure and forcing Greece to shoot outside and giving them a hard time inside.

2:56AM - Tied at 22 and this second quarter has looked sloppy for both sides. There have been some moments, but so far in this quarter, there have been several missed shots on both sides.

2:51AM - A lull in the scoring as free throws by Greece's Bourousis are the first points scored in this quarter. Spanoulis then puts in a layup to tie the game at 20.

2:47AM - Steady first quarter for both teams as we get to the end of the first quarter. Spain has a 20-16 lead in a game that has had little stoppage and a lot of action. Each team is just adjusting to each other's play and settling in in this opening day of men's basketball.

2:40AM - More background info as we continue to watch the game unfold. Spain was also a EuroBasket finalist in 2007 and lost to Russia in that game. Greece won the 2005 Eurobasket.

2:33AM - Already a fast start by both teams as we are tied 4-4. Spain is the reigning world champions and Greece was the finalist in that championship game. They defeated the United States in the semifinals to reach the final but Spain's incredible depth was able to carry Spain to a dominating 70-47 win.

10PM EDT: Swimming Finals

The first morning of swimming finals will be highlighted by performances by Michael Phelps and Grant Hackett. There will be four finals today and stay with the LIVE EVENT BLOG from NOW Sports for all the coverage.

11:40PM - Thanks a lot for joining us for this LIVE BLOG of the swimming finals. We'll be doing live blogs on swimming all week long. Our next live blog will be in less than 20 minutes as we take a look at the Tennis competition. And remember to go to for continuous updates on Day 2 of competition.

11:37PM - So the first morning of finals have concluded. Michael Phelps captured his first gold medal in the men's 400 meter Individual Medley. Stephanie Rice claimed redemption for Australia as she won the women's 400 meter Individual Medley. In the 400 meter freestyle, Taewhan Park of South Korea won gold after his disappointing disqualification four years ago in Athens while China claimed its first medal in swimming as Lin Zhang won the silver in this event. And the Netherlands wins gold by dominating the final two legs in the 4x100 meter freestyle relay.

11:35PM - A new Olympic record for the Dutch winners of the 4x100 meter freestyle relay. Great performance by Dara Torres as she got the United States a silver medal and Australia was able to rebound for fourth or fifth position to claim the bronze.

11:27PM - Back with the last gold medal final of this first morning of finals at the Water Cube. It's the 4x100 meter freestyle relay for the women. The Australians are favored to win but the host nation has something to cheer about as China is the fastest qualifier in this event. Germany is beside China in lane five. The Americans, with Dara Torres and Natalie Coughlin, are in lane 3 and the Netherlands, who held the world record this year, is in lane six.

11:15PM - It looks like it will be a struggling final for Hansen as he does qualify for the final, but he'll have to do much better if he wants to challenge Kitajima. Meanwhile Alexander Dale Oen is the top qualifier as he wins this semifinal heat in Olympic record time.

11:10PM -Kitajima has shown why he is so good at this event and it will be up to Brendan Hansen in this next semifinal to see if he can make it into the finals to face Kitajima.

11:07PM - The next few semifinals is a good preview of what is to come. Brendan Hansen is racing in these semifinals and the men's 100m breaststroke is the only event he is entered in. First, we see Japan's Kosuke Kitajima compete in the first semifinal.

10:56PM - So we are through with three finals and when NBC brings us back for more swimming coverage, we'll provide you more blog coverage of this event, including our thoughts on the last final of the night, the Women's 4x100 meter freestyle.

10:53PM - Stephanie Rice wins gold for Australia in world record time, she led the entire way but Kirsty Coventry of Zimbabwe looked like she could catch Rice several times throughout the race. It was unpredictable as we predicted. A bit of a disappointing finish for young Katie Hoff, who captures bronze. Elizabeth Beisel finishes in fourth for the United States in an impressive performance by the young swimmer who could have a great future ahead of her.

10:51PM - It's Conventry and Rice way ahead of the rest of the field as we get into the breaststroke.

10:48PM - Stephanie Rice gets away very well in the butterfly portion of this race.

10:47PM - This race will feature Kirsty Coventry, the veteran swimmer, and Stephanie Rice from Australia, Hoff's biggest rival. This race could be unpredictable.

10:44PM - Now getting set for the Women's 400 meter IM as we see for the first time at these games, Katie Hoff, who can be compared to Michael Phelps when he was competing in Athens. Hoff is only 19 years old and she has a very full program here in Beijing.

10:40PM - We have a break in the action as we see the medal ceremonies take place for the Men's 400 meter Individual Medley. I guess there are technical difficulties since the playing of the national anthem has started late and been cut short. I'm sure we'll be hearing that anthem very often at the pool.

10:30PM - Taewhan Park, Lin Zhang and Larsen Jensen finish 1-2-3 and both South Korea and China grab their first medals of swimming in Beijing. It was Park who led for most of the race and won the event that used to be dominated by Ian Thorpe before he retired from the sport. This win will give a lot of pride for Korea and will likely be the highlight of these games for that nation.

10:29PM - Another final, this time the 400 meter freestyle final and it looks to be a close one with a lot of well-known athletes, including Grant Hackett.

10:21PM - Schipper, Zhao and Dekker finsih 1-2-3 in this semifnal of the women's 100m butterfly and China will have someone to cheer on in the final of this event to be contested tomorrow.

10:18PM - We mentioned in our ultimate Olympic preview that Australia has a big chance of scoring medals in women's swimming and this next semifinal exemplifies that. Jessica Schipper, along with Trickett, are huge medal contenders at this event.

10:14PM - After that exciting final, its time for some semifinals in the women's 100m butterfly. Looks like NBC is getting what it has paid for. Libby Trickett wins semifinal number one and Magnuson is in the final as well for the United States after placing second.

10:10PM - Phelps remains undefeated in this race and wins his first of what could be many gold medals here in Beijing. This is his seventh gold medal in his career and ninth overall. His strategy has been to take these Games one race at a time, and in this case one stroke at a time, and looks like that strategy is working for him. The United States captures gold in the beginning of what could be a huge U.S. domination at the pool.

10:09PM - Phelps was able to widen the gap ahead of Lochte during the breaststroke and he pulled away from him during the freestyle. Laslo Cseh of Hungary was able to pass Lochte to grab the silver. And of course, Phelps wins this final in world record time.

10:05PM - Lochte had a slight lead but Phelps has gotten it back as we head into the breaststroke.

10:04PM - Its Phelps and Lochte going at it in the 400 meter Individual medley. Hungary's Laslo Cseh is there as well.

10:30AM: Women's Volleyball, Japan vs. United States

We join the action in progress with the United States up 1-0 and trailing by four points in the second set.

11:47AM - So the final score: United States 3, Japan 1. It was a fierce match between both sides but it came down to which team had more aggressiveness and that was the United States.

Thanks for joining us here on NOW Sports for our live blog coverage. Sorry for the lack of details, I promise I'll be more prepared next time. Remember to go to for a full recap of Day 1 and come back here to our LIVE EVENT BLOG for more live blogging of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad.

11:45AM - With three match points, the United States uses its powerful block behind Heather Bown and Kim Willoughby to clinch the match. We've heard so many names throughout this game and that just shows you the incredible depth from this team.

11:42AM - Heather Bown providing very strong defense for the United States and now we are seeing a double substitution for the United States, one on the front court and another in the back. The blocking is really winning points for the U.S. and it couldn't have come at a better time.

11:40AM - Japan now stands at five points away from tying this match. Sykora is in for the United States and the substitution pays off as the U.S. ties the game. Sykora has a lot of enthusiasm and it is very evident in her game.

11:36AM - Now the U.S. trying to make a comeback here. They are now down by two points, 16-14, heading into the technical timeout...

11:32AM - The Americans in a bit of a hole and now they are playing more aggressively. An ace serve and a kill in the last two points and things could really change here for the Americans if they don't think of some way to counter attack.

11:24AM - Early in thr fourth set and what we're seeing is Japan trying to win points they way that they have been winning them throughout this match, that is through kills and defensive blocks. But when the U.S. is able to counterattack those blocks and Japan is caught off guard, then the Japanese team will most likely be in big trouble.

11:21AM - Back with the fourth set as the United States looks to wrap things up at Capital Indoor Gymnasium. The United States is ranked higher than Japan (US ranked 4th, Japan ranked 5th). So far we've seen what we expected to see from each team. Both sides are playing more aggresively and the last set came down to who can come out more offensively and that was the United States in set three.

11:19AM - The U.S. has finally pulled through and has five set points...and the block by Bown clinches the third set and they are 25 points away from a win over Japan.

11:12AM - The United States so far has been just trying to battle back but they haven't taken much of a lead and it just shows how close and competitive it is between these two teams and how hard it is to stay consistent. I think the United States is just trying to play more agressively and trying to find a perfect placement of the ball.

11:07AM - What a rally on both sides, too bad it ended at the net. Now its tied at 12-12. Both teams are doing so well at saving balls, moving around the court and reading the other team's plays.

11:01AM - Still a close match but a service error might hurt the United States in the long run if it remains this close...Oh but Japan makes a service error as well. It is still very close.

10:56AM - What a great defensive block by Japan, that front line is really strong and I'm not sure if the United States can keep up. It's still pretty close.

10:54AM - The two have started the third set and are currently tied at 1-1.

10:50AM - Japan has tied it at one set each and this should be an interesting match from here on out. The first two sets were pretty much so that both teams can feel each other out as they adjusted to each other's tactics. Now, we're going to see both teams try to read the opponent's plays.

10:49AM - Hanneth-Park is such a force out there for the United States and she's definitely been a contributor to how the United States is trying to catch up with Japan. But the Japanese are two points away and U.S. coach Jenny Lang-Ping calls a timeout.

10:48AM - Amazing blocks from the United States as the lead has been trimmed down to one.

10:45AM - Timeout is taken as the United States is trying to close the gap. It is now 19-16 and Japan needs to refocus a bit before they slip up. Japan needs to cover more of the court because the United States will take advantage of any opportunity that they find.

10:43AM - Japan has really been putting up a lot of great defensive plays and stops but the United States is able to get the point and they trail 18-14.

Friday, August 8, 2008

10:30PM: Weightlifting and Shooting (The First Medals)

We are going to cover two events in this live blog, both have the potential of awarding the first medals of these games. We'll be looking at the Women's 10m Air Rifle Final, just getting underway, and the Women's Flyweight weightlifting competition, well underway in the snatch portion.

12:07AM - Thanks for joining us here on NOW Sports for live blog of the first medals of these Games of the XXIX Olympiad. Join us here for another live blog later today at 10:30AM EDT for coverage of the USA vs. Japan women's volleyball match. And remember to keep checking out NOW Sports Daily ( for continuous updates throughout each day of competition.

12:05AM - So Xiexia Chen of China finishes first, Wei-Ling of China finishes second and Turkey has a bronze medal in weightlifting thanks to Sibel Ozkan.

12:02AM - Chen of China has a good lift on her clean and jerk and she WINS THE FIRST GOLD MEDAL FOR CHINA! She was clean and looked very stable throughout the entire competition and she even gets an Olympic record along the way.

12:00AM - Now China has a chance to capture Olympic gold in this event. To the roar of the crowd, she completes her second attempt and now accomplishes an Olympic clean and jerk record. Meanwhile, Wei-Ling Chen of Taiwan is still in it also as she makes her attempt. She tried to hold the jerk but just didn't have enough energy to do so, she was very close but lost her balance.

11:58PM - Laosirikul comes back for her third and final attempt at 114 kg. It was a good clean but just did not have any more energy for the jerk, she remains in fifth place in the clean and jerk.

11:56PM: Jyounghwa fails on her third attempt and her total is not enough to finish inside the medals. Meanwhile, Laosirikul of Thailand fails on her second attempt and she is ranked fifth. Looks like China is on their way to their first gold medal of these games and it didn't take long.

11:52PM: Ozkan has now pulled into second after a successful third attempt. Now we see Chinese hopeful Xiexie Chen complete her first attempt at the clean and jerk and she now moves into first place.

11:50PM: Miyake finishes outside of the medals in fifth place after failing in her third attempt at this clean and jerk.

11:48PM: Jyounghwa is still in first place after a solid clean and jerk in her second attempt.

11:46PM - Miyake of Japan obviously looks very disappointed with herself after failing on her second attempt. She falls to fifth position.

11:42PM - So far the top lifters have all cleared their first attempts at the clean and jerk, including Wei-Ling Chen of Chinese Taipei and Sibei Ozkan of Turkey. Ozkan is back on the stage at her second attempt.

11:39PM - Now we have our first look in this clean and jerk portion at the Korean IM Jyounghwa, who is successful in her first lift.

11:36PM - Nowl fails at her third attempt and she will finish with a total of 177kg lifted in this competition. The Japanese lifter Miromo Miyake on her first attempt does a very good lift.

11:34PM - Noel has her first no lift of the night as she struggles to maintain stability in her second attempt at this clean and jerk. She is still ranked first.

11:32PM - A clean and simple lift for Melanie Noel of France. Now Poland's Karpinska is on her final attempt and she fails to even do the clean. Currently, she is third.

11:26PM - Oshiro of Japan is still in the lead and Karpinska of Poland is ranked second as we continue with the clean and jerk competition. Oshiro on her third attempt, fails to make the lift at 96kg. She remains in first position as we see anew group of lifters take the stage.

11:19PM - WW: We are back with coverage of the women's weightlifting flyweight competition. Right now we are seeing lifters who had trouble on their snatch lifts now attempting to be successful in the clean and jerk. Misaki Oshiro was one of those lifters and she was able to nail the jerk and keep her in contention after her first attempt.

11:00PM - WW: We will now focus on the weightlifting competition as Xiexia Chen has the lead following the snatch competition. We will have more LIVE BLOG coverage when we return with the clean and jerk portion of the competition.

10:56PM - WS: Katerina Emmons is your first Olympic champion of the Beijing Olympic Games. She captures the gold medal in the sport of shooting in the Women's 10m Air Rifle Competition at the Olympic Shooting Hall. She wins by a score of 503.5, Galkina stays in second and captures silver and Pejcic gets the bronze. And just an FYI, Katerina Emmons is married to the U.S. shooter Matthew Emmons, whom we will be seeing compete later in these games.

10:54PM - WS: Just one more shot left and the first Olympic champion will be crowned. It will most likely be Czech Republic's Katerina Emmons as she has a stable lead. Du Li has fallen to fifth. Galkina rose back to second and just shot a 10.0.

10:52PM - WW: Wow, Turkey's Sibel Ozkan with a very impressive lift of 88kg in her third attempt as the competition gets closer. Meanwhile, China's Xiexia Chen makes her Olympic debut with a powerful lift.

10:49PM - WS: Emmons has a little less than a two point lead over Pejcic of Croatia as we enter the eighth round of competition. Emmons has been very consistent while Pejcic has made several shots outside of the ten point mark. Emmons still has the lead after eight shots.

10:44PM - Women's Weightlifting (WW) - We take our first look now at the weightlifting competition and we are still in the snatch competition. IM Jyounghwa was on her second attempt in the snatch and she was able to do her lift and thus she remains in the lead. Meanwhile, Wei-Ling Chen who is trying to challenge the Korean failed on her second attempt in the snatch.

10:41PM - WS: Emmons, Pejcic of Croatia and Galkina of Russia are the top three in that order. And China's Du Li still in fourth place. In the sport of shooting, the athlete is the only one that can control his/her destiny. So far, Emmons has come out as the better shooter. She has just shot a 10.2 in the fifth round of shooting.

10:39PM - WS: Just want to mention that the scores from qualifying do carryover into the finals as the third round of shooting takes place. Emmons has shot a little poorly compared to her past shots but still shootinga 9.7, she remains in first place. Du Li, with a 10.1, remains in fourth place.
10:35PM - WS: Emmons again shooting very cleanly with a 10.7 here at Beijing Shooting Hall. Emmons is still in first place. Du Li remains in fourth place.

10:32PM - Women's Shooting (WS): Katerina Emmons for the Czech Republic and who had the top qualifying score, accomplishing an Olympic record, is currently in the lead. Chinese favorite Du Li is in fourth.

8AM: Opening Ceremony Updates *SPOILER ALERT*

Remember you can watch the Opening Ceremonies tonight on NBC at 7:30PM. Below are continuous updates and details LIVE from the Opening Ceremonies in Beijing. Ignore this post if you don't want the show to be ruined for you.

12:16PM - This concludes our LIVE BLOGGING of the Opening ceremonies at the Games of the XXIX Olympiad in Beijing, China. Special thanks to those who provided the live German telvision feed of the Opening Ceremony, this live blog would not have been possible without that feed. Remember to go to our main page at NOW Sports Daily: for a full recap of the Opening ceremony and a preview of Day 1 of competition.

And our live blog will be back later tonight at 10:30PM EDT for LIVE BLOG coverage of women's 10m air rifle, the first medal to be awarded at these games. And remember that those of you in the United States can catch the Opening Ceremony tonight starting at 7:30PM Eastern / 6:30 PM Central.

Thanks so much for joining us for these Opening Ceremonies, we hope to see you back soon as NOW Sports continues its coverage of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad.

12:13PM - As Jackie Chang and other Chinese singers perform, the Opening Ceremony has concluded and what a spectacular ceremony it was. It was just visually appealling and how it unfolded was just delightful. Seeing how China presented its rich cultural history and how they were able to provide a fluid ceremony made it that much better. But everything in that opening ceremony is nothing compared to how the flame was lit by Li Ning. This ceremony is definitely worth watching again later tonight on NBC.

12:04PM - Li Ning has done something absolutely historic in a breathtaking lighting of the Olympic Cauldron that no one has ever seen before in Olympic games. Li Ning has lit the Olympic cauldron in a way no one has imagined by walking along the sides of the top of the stadium and lit the flame. Fireworks are now exploding over not just stadium but the entire city. It's a spectacular display as the flame shines brightly over the entire stadium amid the enormous amount of fireworks that have exploded. Everyone is standing proudly as China's moment has finally arrived.

12:01PM - As 8/8/08 passses into 8/9/08, the way that this Olympic cauldron is lit is nothing short of ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! Li Ning, a well decorated Chinese gymnast that won multiple medals 1984 in Los Angeles and now he is putting his acrobatic skills to such great use. He is currently walking or rather flying along the sides of the top of the stadium as he unravels a scroll that depicts the flame's journey from Ancient Olympia.

11:55AM - The flame, which has traveled thousands of miles all over the world and all throughout China and had originated from Ancient Olympia in Greece, where the games were born, is now being passed throughout the stadium in the final stage of the relay.

11:54AM - And now the Olympic flame has arrived in the stadium!

11:53AM - The Olympic anthem has been sung and the athletes' and officials' oaths have been taken. Now the official theme song for these games is being performed to serve as an inspiration for the athletes that will be competing over the next 17 days.

11:40AM - The Olympic flag is being carried in by four male and four female Chinese athletes.

11:37AM - Chinese president Hu Jingtao has just opened the Games of the XXIX Olympiad as fireworks explode over the stadium. "I declare open the games of Beijing, celebrating the XXIX Olympiad of the modern era."

11:35AM - By the way, those quotes aren't exact obviously. The feed that I am receiving is being translated in German so it was hard to hear Rogge under the translations.

11:33AM - Rogge: "Athletes...these games belong to you. Have fun! Remember however that you are much more than performance alone...Please compete in the spirit of the Olympic value. Dear athletes, remember that you are role models to the youth of the world."

11:31AM - IOC President Jacques Rogge: "for a long time, China has been dreaming of opening its doors and has been inviting the world's athletes to compete in the Olympic Games. Tonight, that dream comes true. You have chosen your motto to be "One World, One Dream." That is what we are tonight."

11:25AM - So now we proceed with the formalities of this ceremony, including remarks by both the president of the IOC and the president of BOCOG (Beijing Organizing Committee for the Olympic Games). They are currently walking up to the stage and set to speak to the world.

11:10AM - The time has finally arrived for host nation China to arrive into National Stadium. Seven years in the making the time for China to be cheered on by the home crowd. As the host nation, they are entered in every competition. Yao Ming is the flag bearer and has done such a great job in propelling sports into the lives of the Chinese people throughout the past four years in the run-up to these games. China has a very good chance of taking the top of the medal board, possibly will top the United States in the medal count.

They have great chances of winning gold in many events, especially men's gymnastics and diving. But this stadium will most likely have this kind of atmosphere in two weeks when Liu Xiang competes for gold in the 110 meter hurdles. The entire nation is counting on him to defend his gold medal title here at the National Stadium and that is a tremendous amount of pressure on the young hurdler.

But meanwhile, the Chinese are enjoying their moment as 639 athletes are cheered on by the crowd in a tremendous showing of Chinese pride.

11:07AM - Australia has arrived and they are probably amazed at what they are seeing as they arrive into the stadium, especially after hosting the spectacular Sydney games eight years ago. They are a competitor in cycling, swimming and rowing. China coming up next.

11:01AM - We have about 10 or 11 nations left in the Parade of Nations. Coming up as the last few nations to arrive into the stadium are Germany, Australia and host nation China.

10:50AM - We now see South Korea coming in. This is the first time since the Atlanta games in 1996 that the two Koreas are not marching in together.

10:37AM - The parade of nations continues as Netherlands walks in. They are contenders in badminton, field hockey and cycling. Peter van den Hoogenband is looking for another medal in freestyle swimming.

10:30AM - The United States is now marching into National Stadium, a huge applause from the crowd. Lopez Lomong is the flag bearer and he holds a lot of significance to this team and to the U.S. He was one of the Lost Boys of Sudan, a refugee fleeing from war and was adopted by an American family. He is part of the track and field team competing in the 1500 meters. The United States has been at the top of the medal count and boasts one of the largest delegations competing here at these games. The U.S. is competing in almost all sports, including soccer, field hockey and water polo along the usual marquee sports where they are favorites in women's gymnastics, swimming and track and field.

10:27AM - Russia, then Syria and the United States have arrived in Olympic stadium. A huge roar from the crowd as Russia enters, they are expected to be near the top of the medal count competing with the United States and China. Andrei Kirilenko, a basketball player, carries the flag for Russia.

10:20AM - France, Poland and Puerto Rico are currently marching in as the Parade of Nations continues. Still a lot more countries to go, including the United States, Russia and host nation China.

10:15AM - Great Britain, hosting the Olympics in four years in London, has arrived into the stadium. The Brits have several medal contenders in cycling, rowing and badminton

10:10AM - Athletes continue to arrive into the stadium. The most recent delgation is that from Argentina which hokds the defenidng Olympic gold medalists in basketball and soccer. Manu Ginobili is the flag bearer hoping to lead the Argentine team to another Olympic gold medal.

9:58AM - The Dominican Republic and Felix Sanchez has arrived in the National Stadium. Sanchez, a gold medal contender and favorite in the 400 meter hurdles, carries the flag for the Dominican Republic. Sanchez won gold in the 400 meter hurdles in Athens.

9:55AM - Iraq has entered the stadium. You know the story behind this Iraq team. The IOC banned the naton from competing at the games after the government interfered in their National Olympic Committee. But then, after talks between Iraqi officals, the IOC and outside parties like Germany and China, the IOC decided to allow Iraqi athletes compete. Their contingent includse several track and field runners and two rowers competing in double sculls.

9:51AM - Spain has entered the stadium. They are looing for medals in basketball as the reigning world champion. Spain is also pinning its hopes on Rafael Nadal to win olympic gold in tennis.

9:43AM - The parade of nations continues as we've seen Nigeria, Luxemberg, and Qatar among others. The Canadians are now entering the stadium behind Ghana. The Canadians are looking forward to grabbing several medals including Brent Hayden, Tyler Christopher and Alexander Despatie.

9:31AM - More nations have arrived into National Stadium, including Denmark, Uzbekistan, Ukraine and most recently Brazil, who has a large delegation and is looking to grab medals in football, volleyball and gymnastics through Diego Hypolito. Brazil recently hosted the 2007 Pan-American games and they are in the running to host the 2016 Olympic Games. They have already been awared then 2014 World Cup.

9:23AM - A huge roar from the crowd as Chinese Taipei, also known as Taiwan, arrives into the stadium, which includes a top-notch baseball team looking for a medal here at these games. Another huge roar now as Hong Kong, China arrives into National Stadium. Hong Kong will be equestrian events at these games.

9:20AM - Jamaica has entered the stadium, including Asafa Powell and Usain Bolt. Belgium, the home nation of IOC President Jacques Rogge has entered as well. We also see Israel arrive into National Stadium. A large delegation from Japan has now entered the stadium, which boasts several top male gymnasts and marathon runners.

9:13AM - After Greece, we have seen Guinea, Turkey and now Turkmenistan arrive into the stadium. We have also seen Malaysisa, Cayman Islands, Macedonia and Bhutan as well. There are over 200 nations and approx. 10,000 athletes competing and they are entering in the order of the Chinese alphabet.

9:10AM - After a brilliant presentation of Chinese history and culture we have now arrived at the PARADE OF NATIONS! Greece, as the nation where the games were born, will enter first.

9:02AM - The faces of children and babies from all over the world are being shown to the crowd as smiley face fireworks explode over the stadium and a performance is being sung by two Chinese singers.

9:00AM - The stadium has been turned into somewhat of a celestial galaxy as astronauts are walking around the stadium and a giant sphere has emerged from under the stadium floor. It is now depicted as Earth as we see people orbit around it. The Earth has now turned into a sphere of orange light as the stars are shining throughout the stadium crowd and on the scroll that is till on the stadium floor.

8:55AM - What we are looking at is the future of China being conveyed through school children. School kids have gathered in the center of the stadium floor and are now drawing a picture of the sky. Meanwhile, hundreds of martial arts performers are on the floor surrounding the scroll and they are performing some kung fu moves and are now lined up in a large circle. This is a brilliant display of Chinese martial arts.

8:47AM - It appears that we have entered the modern era of China as a girl and a man are seen playing the piano together while hundreds of dancers dressed in white suits help to illuminate the floor in lots of nice neon colors. Now pictures of modern China are seen illuminating the scroll as the dancers have arranged themselves in a dove, a symbol of peace throughout these games.

8:41AM - Scores of Chinese female dancers dressed in an elaborate array of bright colors have arrived on the stadium floor as colorful pictures lighten up the scrolls that have been placed on the floor. Fireworks explode over the stadium signaling the end of this portion of the ceremony. But we still have alot of Chinese history to go through as we near completing the first hour of this 3 1/2 hour ceremony.

8:28AM - The ceremony has been spectacular so far. We just saw a collection of blocks simulate what looks like a pool as they made waves and showed Chinese characters as if they were lifted off the floor. Now what we are seeing is another well coordinated dance with four or five performers on stage and hundreds more on the floor standing in the shape of a square. The performers on the stage are puppeteers and they are using these fancy Chinese dolls dressed in what looks like warrior clothing as their puppets.

8:19AM -There are Chinese dancers that are performing on a scroll that is unfolding and this is supposed to represent the writing of China's history as the spectators at the stadium watch it unfold. The performers have just drawn a picture of the sun and the sky and it has been lifted off the stadium floor.

8:10AM - The Chinese flag is being carried by a group of children dressed in very diverse outfits, representing the different cultures of the youth of China. Now the Chinese national anthem is being played and everyone has joined in to sing with pride. Fireworks have now erupted over the stadium in a sea of red and gold as it explodes over the Olympic venues.

8:07AM - After a nice round of fireworks, the Olympic rings have been illuminated on the stadium floor and now they are being raised off the floor. Definitely a sight to see. The rings are being illuminated by thousands of little lights that have been assembled together.

8:03AM - There are hundreds of drummers on the stadium floor and its a spectacular sight to see. A very coordinated movement that they are doing with red sticks and these cubic drums.

8:01AM - Brilliant countdown with the use of drums and lights on the stadium floor. You can really feel the magic and excitement as the Ceremony is officially underway. They have just introduced IOC president Jacque Rogge and Chinese President Hu Jingtao.

7:50AM - We are less than 10 minutes away from the Opening Ceremonies and it is guaranteed to be magical. NOW Sports has secured a live feed of the Opening Ceremony and we will be updating you on the latest going on from the Bird's Nest

Thursday, August 7, 2008

7:30AM: Men's Football, Preliminaries: Argentina vs. Ivory Coast

9:42AM - So thanks to Lionel Messi who scored the game's first goal and then providing the assist for Acosta to score the go-ahead goal, Argentina gets three points and is at the top of the group standings, followed by Australia and Serbia, each with one point after today's tie earlier today, then Ivory Coast who gets no points after playing a well-fought game against Argentina.

Let's take a look at the other results, all ended in ties:
Korea 1, Cameroon 1
Netherlands 0, Nigeria 0
China 1, New Zealand 1

So that ends the first round of games in pool play in men's soccer. Visit later today for a full roundup as well as the latest in the final 24 hours before the Opening Ceremonies. And remember to come back here for more LIVE BLOGGING during the Games of the XXIX Olympiad. Thanks for joining us and come back soon.

9:40AM - It's over! Argentina pulls out a victory here and sadly for Ivory Coast, who played extremely well against the defending gold medalists, will leave this game with no points. Final score: Argentina 2, Ivory Coast 1.

9:40AM (90+ 4) - Messi comes out of the game to the cheers of the crowd as Sosa comes in.

9:36AM (90' + 1) - Four additional minutes have been added.

9:35AM (90') - Ivory Coast running out of time to equalise. If the score stands, Argentina will be ahead and Ivory Coast will be put last after the other two teams in their group, Australia and Serbia, tied earlier today and each received a point.

9:31AM (87') - ARGENTINA SCORES! Free kick and a great follow-up from the cross. Acosta scores the go-ahead goal and Argentina is up 2-1.

9:30AM - UPDATE: China has just equalized with New Zealand, and they are tied 1-1.

9:27AM - UPDATE: Cameroon tied with Korea, one goal apiece.

9:25AM (80') - Aguero out, Acosta in for Argentina.

9:24Am (78') - Gervinho with a huge opportunity playing the ball 1 on 1 with a defender, but he wasn't able to place the ball in the right spot. Kicks it just wide.

9:23AM (77') - Good try for Ivory Coast as they try to keep up the aggressiveness. Their last offensive saw them trying to keep up a pass but the Argentine defenders prevent anything from happening.

9:20AM (74') - Ivory Coast makes a substitution, Anthony Moura-Komenan providing fresh legs as Cisse comes out.

9:19AM - Update: Korea up 1-0 over Cameroon. Nigeria and Netherlands remain tied and New Zealand is still up 1-0.

9:17AM (72') - I'm wondering if either coach will make substitutions soon. So far we've seen one on each side but there are some obvious signs of fatigue on both sides. The pace is getting a little bit slower and we aren't seeing the explosive offense that we saw earlier in the game.

9:14AM (70') - A close shot for Argentina that was fumbled by Angban before finally making the save.

9:10AM (65') - Another shot that we though was a goal but turned out to be offsides, this time for Argentina.

9:09AM (64') - Several substitutions being made on both sides. Lavezzi comes out for Argentina and di Maria comes in. And for the Ivory Coast, Dja Djedje comes in for N Gossan.

9:06AM (61') - Ivory Coast on a long possession that ends up with some words being exhanged and a yellow card issued to Aguero.

8:58AM (53') - IVORY COAST SCORES! The equaliser from Cisse, a brilliant header from the cross forward. And this game is level again. What exciting soccer from both sides, and its only right that Ivory Coast keep this game tied.

8:57AM - Update: New Zealand just scored against China. New Zealand squad is up 1-0.

8:51AM (46') - Second Half is underway. Ivory Coast in the orange and white, Argentina in blue and white. Ivory Coast still has a great chance and if they keep up the offensive aggressiveness that they had in the first half, then an Ivory Coast goal could very well be inevitable.

8:37AM (Halftime) - A look at the other games going on right now, all are at halftime:
China 0, New Zealand 0
Nigeria 0, Netherlands 0
Korea 0, Cameroon 0

8:35AM (Halftime) - Let's take a look at the halftime statistics. Argentina has had 3 shots on goal while Ivory Coast only has 2. It seemed like both sides had a lot more though. Nine fouls on the Ivory Coast side while Argentina has seven. Ivory Coast failed to convert any of their four corner kicks and Argentina had two free kicks.

8:33AM (Halftime) - Very exciting first half in Shanghai as both sides put up great offensive plays and opportunities. In the end, Argentina is the one that is in fron after Messi was able to find a huge opening. Hopefully, the action will continue at this exciting pace in the second half.

8:28AM (42') - ARGENTINA SCORES! You knew it was coming, a great pass to Messi and it was onsides and amazing that after all the close calls and the saves that were made, the first goal is scored in a wide open situation.

8:25AM (39') - Angban making a crucial save for the Ivory Coast after the free kick by Messi looked like it was placed in a good spot.

8:23AM (38') - Ivory Coast thought they had the score but the referees have ruled it offsides.

8:21AM (36') - Ivory Coast was so close to scoring after they failed to capitalize on the cross. We remain scoreless with ten minutes to go in the half.

8:18AM (33') - Great movement of the ball and there were three players involved in getting the ball so close to the goal, but Angban gets lucky and gets the ball. Just saw the replay, and if the foot was a little higher, the shot would have been more powerful and probably would have scored. Brilliant offensive plays by the defending gold medalists.

8:15AM (30') - Ustari makes a save for Argentina after the Ivory Coast corner kick.

8:13AM (26') - The cross shot was the closest that IVory Coast has gone to scoring and Argentina is leaving a lot of room for Ivory Coast to take opportunities.

8:05AM (20') - The first 20 minutes has been quite entertaining, it looks like each team is playing aggressively rather than conservatively. So far no goal has been socred. If Ivory Coast can place the ball a little better and have other teammates find the cross kicks, they have a good chance of taking the lead.

8:02AM (17') - Juan Riquelme with another free kick, plays it across and the shot goes to high.

7:57AM (12') - Ivory Coast knows that the defense is most important aspect that they need to maintain. You can see them putting a lot of pressure on the Argentine strikers each time they get into the box.

7:56AM (11') - Lavessi tried to do something with that cross but Argentina is having a hard time getting to the ball in time.

7:53AM (7') - Brilliant passing but no dice for the Argentines as Angban makes a fantastic save for Ivory Coast.

7:50AM (4') - Riquelme tried to do his best with that free kick, but Ivory Coast goalkeeper Vincent Angban keeps the game scoreless.

7:48AM (3') - Ivory Coast gets a corner kick after Gervinho tries to cross a well-played ball.

7:44AM - So the defending gold medalists is set to face the African upstart team. The team from Ivory Coast features some great players as well, including Sekou Cisse and Salomon Kalou. Of course look out for Lionel Messi and Juan Riquelme.

7:41AM - As the national anthems are being played, here are the other games that we'll keep our eye on during this late round of soccer games being played today:

China vs. New Zealand
South Korea vs. Cameroon
The Netherlands vs. Nigeria

7:37AM - The big story here is the one surround Lionel Messi, who looks like he'll be staying in Beijing and is in the starting lineup. FIFA had ruled that club organizations must release their under-23 players for the Olympics but yesterday, the court of Arbitration overturned that ruling. Messi plays for FC Barcelona who cited that the club needs him more for the UEFA Champions League qualifying rounds that are occuring during the Olympics.

7:31AM - Here are the starting lineups:

7:30AM - We apologize for those who were looking for our live blog for the early round of soccer games that occured at 5AM EDT today. We were experiencing some technical difficulties. But we are back here now and just in time for the late round of soccer games that we are about to see today, including coverage of the host nation China facing New Zealand and Argentina playing against Ivory Coast. Stay with us, we'll be back with the starting lineups.

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

NOW Sports LIVE BLOGGING Schedule (Week 3)

NOW Sports' LIVE BLOGGING Schedule (Week 3)
Remember that NOW Sports will be blogging throughout the Olympic Games with half-hour updates throughout each day (or rather, night) of the competition from 6PM EDT to 12PM EDT the next day (times and events subject to change). In addition, NOW Sports will have LIVE BLOGGING of several events throughout the week, including gymnastics events, swimming finals and soccer and basketball games. Below is a schedule of the final week's LIVE BLOGGING of the competition 2008 Olympic Games. All times are in EDT.

Mon Aug 18
12AM - Triathlon: Women's Final
6AM - Women's Soccer Semifinal
9AM - Women's Soccer Semifinal
10PM - Triathlon: Men's Final

Tues Aug 19
2:20AM - Women's Water Polo: Semifinals
4:45AM - Women's Basketball: Quarterfinal
9AM - Men's Soccer Semifinal
9PM - Men's Water Polo Quarterfinals

Wed Aug 20
2:15AM - Men's Handball Quarterfinal
8AM - Men's Volleyball Quarterfinals
9PM - Cycling BMX Finals
9PM - Beach Volleyball Women's Final

Thurs Aug 21 - Sun Aug 24
To Be Determined

Remember that the LIVE BLOGGING will be available on our alternate website: These times and events are subject to change and we may add more events like diving or gymnastics if possible. Don't forget that this is IN ADDITION to the continuous live half-hour updates that NOW Sports will be giving throughout the night and into the next morning, starting at 7AM on Friday morning with the opening ceremonies. Competition updates will begin at 6PM EDT later that day when Day 1 of competition begins. Check back here and for the latest updates throughout the games.

7:30AM: Women's Football, Preliminaries: USA vs. Norway

9:40AM - The other scores from women's preliminary action:
China 2, Sweden 1.
North Korea 1, Nigeria 0.
Norway 2, United States 0.

And from earlier today:
Germany 0, Brazil 0.
Japan 0, New Zealand 0.
Canada 2, Argentina 1.

Join us again tomorrow for more LIVE BLOGGING coverage of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad as we take our first look at the Men's Football competition. Make sure you check back at this site more often for the latest LIVE BLOGGING schedule and also make sure you go to for the latest updates, news and results, including TV listings and medal standings throughout the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games. Thanks for checking us out and make sure to come back soon.

9:36AM - It was a game that was decided early after the United States allowed two goals in the 2nd and 4th minutes respectively. After that, Norway was able to tighten up on their defense and prevent any goals from scoring even though the U.S. was able to get several good opportunities. This is a young team that is still learning, but I still expect Norway and the United States to come out of this group and into the knockout stage.

9:33AM - It's over! Norway wins over the United States, 2-0. Norway will get the three points and though the United States improved in their scoring opportunities, Skarboe was there to prevent any goals from scoring. The U.S. will play a must-win game against Japan on Saturday August 9 and then will play New Zealand.

9:31AM (90' + 2) - Skarboe with another amazing save after Angela Hucles hit a hard shot that would have gone into the net if that save wasn't made.

9:30AM (90') - Three minutes of stoppage time have been added.

9:28AM (87') - Shannon Boxx made a huge shot on goal but again Erika Skarboe makes a big save as the rebound was kicked away by the Norwegian defender. Time is running out and any scoring by the United States might be a little to late to make any difference in this game.

9:24AM (83') - Natasha Kai, the U.S.'s big offensive power so far in this game, is being treated after a collision. She is up on her own two feet now but she was on the ground for a considerable amount of time.

9:18AM (79') - Two good scoring opportunities for the United States are unable to do anything for the United States. Carli Lloyd had nice looks on the ball and was able to put up a shot and then a rebound but the Norwegian goalkeeper is able to preserve the 2-0 lead.

9:17AM (78') - Substitution made for the United States as Tobin Heath comes in for Stephanie Cox.

9:14AM - China has scored to give them back the lead over Sweden. It was a great offensive shot that had just the right timing. The goal scored by Han Duan gives China a 2-1 lead over Sweden.

9:12AM (73') - Very nice save by Hope Solo as the chip shot by Gulbrandson almost gave the Norwegians a 3-0 lead.

9:09AM (70') - With 20 minutes left, Norway is getting closer to their first win of the Olympic tournament. The United States has been getting closer to scoring a goal yet they haven't really had many opportunities and they are getting fewer and fewer as time goes by. If they can just get one goal, the United States can feed off some sort of momentum.

9:07AM (68') - Two substitutions made for Norway, including Lene Mykiaaland coming in.

9:00AM (61') - Kai with another nice shot opportunity as she tried to kick a lob shot in to the net but it gets too far away. Then O'Reilley hits a shot that is too high. The United States is again progressing very well offensively but still has nothing to show for it as time starts to run out.

8:57AM (58') - Natasha Kai with a shot that just gets into the hands of Skarboe.

8:52AM (53') - Hope Solo made an excellent save and then on the other end, the Norwegians are doing their best to maintain their lead by cutting down any offensive momentum that the United States is trying to build Free kick coming up.

8:48AM (48') - Melissa Wiik had an opening but her shot gets into the hands of Hope Solo.

8:45AM - Amy Rodriquez is in for Lindsay Tarpley after a substitution was made for the United States. The second half is now underway.

8:38AM - Here are the current scores as of halftime:
China 1, Sweden 1.
North Korea 1, Nigeria 0.
Norway 2, United States 0.

8:30AM (Half) - Not even any injury time as the first half comes to a close. It was a a shaky first couple of minutes as Norway took advantage of defensive errors made by the United States. The Norwegians quickly scored in the 2nd and 4th minutes but then the United States started to find their own rhythm and are getting some shots off. In the first half, the United States made three shots on goal compared to Norway's two shots. Each had a corner kick and the United States committed four fouls while Norway made three. If the U.S. can score a goal, the defending gold medalists have a little hope for coming out of this game with a draw or a win.

8:28AM (43') - Kate Markgraf taking chances and kicking a shot that went too high. Meanwhile, we haven't seen as much offense from Norway, though they don't need to play aggressively with a 2-0 lead.

8:24AM - Sweden has just tied China and the two teams are at a goal a piece after Schelin makes the nice cross shot to place the ball into the corner of the net. The crowd at Tianjin has quieted down somewhat as they enter the 40th minute.

8:20AM - Lindsay Tapley with another quick shot that catches Skarboe off guard but she's able to make the save. The United States is slowly making little adjustments to their game and the forwards are trying to find good locations to make their shots.

8:16AM - Update on the other scores: China 1-0 Sweden, North Korea 1-0 Nigeria.

8:14AM (30') - A third of the way through this game and the match has settled down a bit. Neither team has had any real opportunities but Norway is focusing more on their defense than their offense as they are playing with a 2-0 cushion. A lot of this game, especially for the young United States team, is playing experimentally and seeing where they can get their shots.

8:11AM (26') - Heather O'Reilley with another shot opportunity that is deflected high. The United States is starting to feel a rhythm in this game, quite a positive sign after giving up two goals early to Norway.

8:02AM (19') - Natasha Kai of the United States taking a shot from way far back and it goes wide left.

7:58AM (15') - The United States is trying to set up an offensive side but the experienced Norway defenders are standing strong and the Norwegian goalkeeper Skarboe is doing her part as well. We'll have to see if the United States can do anything to get out of this 2-0 hole, but so far there hasn't been much structure to their game.

7:50AM - Huge cheers for China as they have scored their first goal of the games against Sweden. The shot made after the previous one hit the crossbar. The goalkeeper unable to recover and China is up 1-0 over Sweden.

7:48AM (4') - NORWAY HAS SCORED AGAIN! Melissa Wiik scoring as she found an opening. The defenders for the United States just aren't in the right spot and Wiik easily puts the ball on the left corner of the net. Norway 2, USA 0.

7:46AM (2') - NORWAY HAS SCORED! The goalkeeper Hope Solo came out of the box and Leni Larsen Kaurin scores the first goal of the game. The defending gold medal champions are down 0-1 to Norway early in the game.

7:42AM: The national anthems are being played and we are moments away from kickoff in Qinhuangdao. Norway is in red and the United States are playing in white.

7:40AM: As we are minutes away from kickoff, there are some other games going on at the same time as preliminary matches in women's soccer get underway. China is getting set to face Sweden while North Korea will be facing Nigeria. We will have updates on those games throughout the next couple of hours as well.

7:35AM: Let's take a look at the rosters for both Team USA and Team Norway.

10WIIK MelissaF
18NILSEN ChristineGK

2MITTS HeatherD
3RAMPONE ChristieD Captain
7BOXX ShannonM
9O REILLY HeatherM
11LLOYD CarliM
16HUCLES AngelaM
6KAI NatashaF
12CHENEY LaurenF
13HEATH TobinM
14COX StephanieD/

7:31AM: The United States and Norway have won the last three Olympic Games since women's soccer made its debut in 1996. After the United States won in Atlanta, Norway's golden goal eventually led to a gold medal in Sydney. Then last year, it was redemption for the United States when they won the gold medal in extra time over Brazil. Today, the only two nations that have won gold medals in Olympic competition will face off in preliminary action.

7:30AM - Welcome back to our LIVE BLOG coverage of the Games of the XXIX Olympiad. Earlier today, we saw a very close and competitive match between Germany and Brazil in a rematch of the Women's World Cup final last year. The match ended in a 0-0 tie. Now, we will be focusing on the match between the United States and Norway, two teams who have had a fierce rivalry in the sport of women's soccer. The starting lineups are coming up next.

5AM EDT: Women's Soccer, Preliminaries: Germany vs. Brazil

7:00AM - That is all for now, thanks for joining us in our first LIVE BLOG for the Games of the XXIX Olympiad. We will be back in just half and hour to bring you coverage of the USA vs. Norway game. So make sure you come back here to NOW Sports and remember to check our home website: for the latest updates on the upcoming Beijing Olympics.

6:57AM - So the final score in Shenyang, Germany 0, Brazil 0. In other preliminary action, Japan and New Zealand also finished with a tie: Japan 2, New Zealand 2. Canada was the only winner in this round of preliminary matches: Canada 2, Argentina 1.

6:54AM - There were plenty of fouls committed and it was a very sloppy game. Brazil was a little slow going early in the game as Germany came close to scoring in the first half. Neither side truly dominated but there were plenty of shots that either hit the goal post or came into the hands of the goalkeeper. The game did come down to the performance of the goalkeepers, and both Angerer and Andreia did well in saving crucial shots that would have otherwise produced a different result.

6:52AM - It's all over in Shenyang as the rematch of the World Cup finalists from last year end this preliminary group match in a scoreless tie. Both sides had missed opportunities as Brazil took 5 shots on goal, Germany took 3. This result gives each side 1 point in the standings of group F, with North Korea and Nigeria getting set to play later today.

6:49AM (90') - Two additional minutes of injury time have been set.

6:45 (86') - Marta was trying to run away with the ball but Angerger got in the way of her making a clean kick. We're still tied at 0-0.

6:44AM - Japan has tied New Zealand and it is a 2-2 game in the 87th minute.

6:42AM (83') - The corner kick by Brazil ends up onto the feet of Marta whose shot on goal is saved by Angerger. The following corner kick is saved as well. These two opportunities break the lack of offensive structure that we have seen in the past few minutes.

6:41AM (82') An offensive effort by Brazil is deflected away by Annike Krahn. Corner kick coming up for Brazil.

6:40AM (81') - Substitution made for Brazil. Pretinha comes in for Christiane.

6:34AM - It's a close one between Japan and New Zealand. New Zealand currently leads 2-1 in the 78' minute.

6:32AM (73') - Substitutions are being made for the German side as Bajramaj and Okoyino Da Mbabi come in for Germany. Meanwhile, the Brazilian corner kick just hits the side netting.

6:30AM - Canada's Kara Lang has just scored a goal to bring the Canadians up 2-0 over Argentina.

6:27AM (68') - Another huge opportunity missed when Marta took a rebound shot with the goalkeeper down on her back. Her shot went just wide right. That has been the closest to scoring thus far for Brazil. We are still scoreless with just about 20 minutes to go.

6:22AM - Currently experiencing technical issues with the blogger website. Hopefully it will be fixed soon. Meanwhile, we've since Brazil start to step up with the shots on goal, the latest one being a very close one that just got off the top of the cross bar by Renata Costa of Brazil.

6:09AM (49') - Prinz with a shot that is deflected and wide to the left.

6:07AM (47') - Beringer's shot on goal after the foul committed by Andreia Rosa is unable to get through as it remains scoreless early in the second half.

6:01AM - Just saw the highlights from the Canada vs. Argentina game and it was Chapman who scored in the 27th minute following a corner kick by Sinclair to put the Canadaians ahead by a goal.

5:58AM - Here are some of the scores from the other games as we await the second half of the scoreless Germany v Brazil game at Shenyang Olympic Stadium. In Tianjin, Canada has a 1-0 lead over Argentina while New Zealand leads Japan 1-0 in their opening round game.

5:49AM (Half) - We are scoreless going into halftime at Shenyang with Germany putting up two shots on goal and four corners. Each has had one free kick and there have been many fouls on both sides. Brazil already has one yellow card from the match.

5:48AM (45') - We're going to see one more minute in inury time.

5:44AM (40') - A huge shot by Bridget Frinz is just wide right as she took her shot from the left wing of the field.

5:42AM - And the roster for Team GERMANY:

Nadine Angerer
Djurgårdens IF
November 10, 1978(1978-11-10) (age 29)
Ursula Holl
SC 07 Bad Neuenahr
June 26, 1982(1982-06-26) (age 26)

Kerstin Stegemann
Wattenscheid 09
September 29, 1977(1977-09-29) (age 30)
Saskia Bartusiak
1. FFC Frankfurt
September 9, 1982(1982-09-09) (age 25)
Babett Peter
FFC Turbine Potsdam
May 12, 1988(1988-05-12) (age 20)
Annike Krahn
FCR 2001 Duisburg
July 1, 1985(1985-07-01) (age 23)
Linda Bresonik
SG Essen-Schönebeck
December 7, 1983(1983-12-07) (age 24)
Ariane Hingst
Djurgårdens IF
July 25, 1979(1979-07-25) (age 29)

Melanie Behringer
SC Freiburg
November 18, 1979(1979-11-18) (age 28)
Renate Lingor
1. FFC Frankfurt
October 11, 1975(1975-10-11) (age 32)
Célia Okoyino da Mbabi
SC 07 Bad Neuenahr
June 27, 1988(1988-06-27) (age 20)
Simone Laudehr
FCR 2001 Duisburg
July 12, 1986(1986-07-12) (age 22)
Fatmire Bajramaj
FCR 2001 Duisburg
April 1, 1988(1988-04-01) (age 20)
Kerstin Garefrekes
1. FFC Frankfurt
September 4, 1979(1979-09-04) (age 28)

Sandra Smisek
1. FFC Frankfurt
July 3, 1977(1977-07-03) (age 31)
Birgit Prinz
1. FFC Frankfurt
October 25, 1977(1977-10-25) (age 30)
Anja Mittag
FFC Turbine Potsdam
May 16, 1985(1985-05-16) (age 23)
Conny Pohlers
1. FFC Frankfurt
November 16, 1978(1978-11-16) (age 29)

Silvia Neid
May 2, 1964(1964-05-02) (age 44)

5:37AM - I should give this before the game but here is the roster for BRAZIL.
Prainsa S.C.
September 14, 1977(1977-09-14) (age 30)
Sport Recife
July 4, 1988(1988-07-04) (age 20)

Olympique Lyonnais
February 10, 1981(1981-02-10) (age 27)
Andreia Rosa
Ferroviaria Araraquara
July 8, 1984(1984-07-08) (age 24)
March 10, 1974(1974-03-10) (age 34)
Renata Costa
July 8, 1986(1986-07-08) (age 22)
February 4, 1988(1988-02-04) (age 20)
SV Neulengbach
July 7, 1982(1982-07-07) (age 24)

April 30, 1977(1977-04-30) (age 31)
Linköpings FC
January 12, 1984(1984-01-12)(age 20)
March 3, 1978(1978-03-03) (age 30)
Santos F.C.
December 9, 1982(1982-12-09) (age 26)
October 18, 1989(1989-10-18) (age 18)
Santos F.C.
January 14, 1986(1986-01-14) (age 22)

February 19, 1986(1986-02-19) (age 22)
Linköpings FC
May 15, 1985(1985-05-15) (age 23)
INAC Leonissa
May 19, 1975(1975-05-19) (age 35)
August 4, 1989(1989-08-04) (age 19)

Jorge Luiz Barcellos
March 17, 1967(1967-03-17)(age 41)

5:34AM (31') - Another big save for Andrea, the Brazilian goalkeeper after saving the shot that came from a German freekick. Also, Canada has scored the first goal of the Olympic tournament and are ahead of Argentina by a score of 1-0.

5:29AM (27') - Lingor just took a freekick after the tackle and her shot gets into the hands of the Brazilian goalkeeper.

5:25AM (23') - German Sandra Simsek had the best opportunity to open the scoring but her shot hit the top of the crossbar toward the left side.

5:22AM (20') - Marta was all alone there trying to head that ball in but just couldn't get the ball anywhere after the pressure from the German defenders.

5:20AM (18'): The free kick by Brazil has gone nowhere, instead headed out and put into the otherside of the field.

5:14AM (12') - This is a rematch of the FIFA Women's World Cup final last year in China and it certainly has been a competitive match so far.

5:08AM - The action is underway from Shenyang and already both Brazil and Germany have pressed their offense deep into each side of the field.

5:06AM - The games are underway! Kickoff has already started for the three games.

4:57AM - Welcome and good morning to our first LIVE BLOG session as the competition in women's football gets underway at the Games of the XXIX Olympiad from Beijing, China. We will be focusing on the Germany v Brazil match but will be giving you updates from the other two games as well.