Thursday, August 14, 2008

8:30AM - Men's Basketball, USA vs. Greece (JIP)

We join the action from this men's preliminary basketball game already in progress.

9:43AM - Well that will be all for now, thanks for joining us here on NOW Sports. remember to go to our main website at for continuing coverage of Day 6 at the Games of the XXIX Olympiad.

9:42AM - Final Score, United States 92, Greece 69. It was another showcase of talent from the United States as Greece, the last team that defeated team USA, isn't able to do so here. Chris Bosh and Kobe Bryant each finish with 18 points, Dwayne Wade with 17, and Lebron James finishes with 13 and six assists ans six rebounds.

9:40AM - And Spain defeated Germany earlier today so it will be a battle of undefeated teams on Saturday in what should be an epic showdown.

9:39AM - Final 60 seconds in this game and the United States will go undefeated in this tournament.

9:36AM - Greece will face Angola and then China, two games that Greece has a shot to win in. And the United States will face Spain and then Germany. The game versus Spain is expected to be a huge matchup as Spain are the defending world champions. And if anybody can defeat the United States, it is Spain.

9:34AM - There are only two more games left for both teams in the preliminary round. Greece with a record of what will now be 1-2, will have to win their next two games for any chance of getting to the knockout stage.

9:32AM - So as the action here starts to wind down, with about four minutes left in the quarter, we start to look ahead at the schedule for the United States and Greece.

9:29AM - Lost of missed shots. I haven't seen any scoring since 7:50 in the fourth. lost of turnovers too

9:28AM - Substitution made for the United States as Michael Reed comes in for Lebron James.

9:25AM - Now the lead is extended to 23 and now this game is just a showcase of American basketball at its best.

9:22AM - Ok so we're back now to basketball as we look at the fourth quarter and the United States has their largest lead of the game.

9:20AM - So Roger Federer is eliminated, which ruins the prospect of a possible Federer-Nadal matchup in the final as James Blake advances into the semifinal round.

9:19AM - And as the United States has a 20 point lead in basketball, the U.S. has a huge hopeful in tennis behind James Blake as he finishes the match of his career after defeating Roger Federer, 6-4, 7-6. It's an upset of Olympic-style proportions.

9:18AM - Four match points for Blake

9:16AM - I'm going to switch my attention to tennis for just a second. James Bake is about to make a lot of noise as he has a set lead and we are in the tiebreak and Blake leads 4-2 over Roger Federer.

9:14AM - 70-52, an 18-point lead for the United States. Now cut down to 16 points as Pelekanos makes the two-pointer after the defensive rebound.

9:11AM - Absolutely excellent defense and USA basketball has been quite an entertaining show in Beijing.

9:10AM - James and Bosh making superb blocks as Deron Williams commits the foul.

9:09AM - Another 3-pointer made but the United States have been making shots too so they need to put up some huge defensive plays or else this upstart offense will get nowhere.

9:08AM - Well Fotsis and Greece tried to keep their hands on the ball but Jason Kidd with the steal and a good followup by Kobe Bryant.

9:06AM - The defense from both teams has really improved, especially Greece. Lots of defensive rebounds and blocks going on as the U.S. has a 21 point lead.

9:04AM - Greece shooting from the outside as Paploukas adds a three. Cuts the lead to 17 as Spanoulis blcoks the shot.

9:02AM - The defense has really been running well as Greece makes a three-pointer via Antonios Fotsis. Kobe Bryant follows up with a layup and a foul.

8:56AM - Let's take a look at some of the stats from this basketball game so far. Chris Bosh leads the U.S. as he is 4-for-5 in field goals and has 12 points. The scoring is spread out for the American team. Four players in double digits, including Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Dwayne Wade.

8:51AM - And Serena Williams has an easy lead over Elena Dementieva in her quarterfinal as she currently has a 6-3, 2-1 lead.

8:48AM - While we have a chance, let's take a look at what's going on in other sports, specifically tennis. Live right now, James Blake has a one set lead over Roger Federer as the two are currently on serve in the second set.

8:44AM - The United States has prepared well for this game, and it definitely shows as Greece can't seem to handle them. It's halftime: USA 51, Greece 32

8:41AM - As the first half comes to a close, we're really seeing how deep this United States team is and what's more important is the incredible chemistry between the players on the floor.

8:40AM - And the United States is starting to pull away, and they are doing so at about the same time that they have pulled away on the other two games that they have played so far.

8:37AM - So far, Greece just looks overwhelmed. They are trying to put the pressure in the paint, but most of the time, Greece can't even get there in time as the United States is really playing excellent transition basketball.

8:35AM - Most of you know the story between these two teams. Greece defeated the United States in a shocking semifinal at the world championships in 2006.

8:34AM - Another very anticipated matchup for Team USA as they currently have a 10 point lead.

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