Friday, August 8, 2008

10:30PM: Weightlifting and Shooting (The First Medals)

We are going to cover two events in this live blog, both have the potential of awarding the first medals of these games. We'll be looking at the Women's 10m Air Rifle Final, just getting underway, and the Women's Flyweight weightlifting competition, well underway in the snatch portion.

12:07AM - Thanks for joining us here on NOW Sports for live blog of the first medals of these Games of the XXIX Olympiad. Join us here for another live blog later today at 10:30AM EDT for coverage of the USA vs. Japan women's volleyball match. And remember to keep checking out NOW Sports Daily ( for continuous updates throughout each day of competition.

12:05AM - So Xiexia Chen of China finishes first, Wei-Ling of China finishes second and Turkey has a bronze medal in weightlifting thanks to Sibel Ozkan.

12:02AM - Chen of China has a good lift on her clean and jerk and she WINS THE FIRST GOLD MEDAL FOR CHINA! She was clean and looked very stable throughout the entire competition and she even gets an Olympic record along the way.

12:00AM - Now China has a chance to capture Olympic gold in this event. To the roar of the crowd, she completes her second attempt and now accomplishes an Olympic clean and jerk record. Meanwhile, Wei-Ling Chen of Taiwan is still in it also as she makes her attempt. She tried to hold the jerk but just didn't have enough energy to do so, she was very close but lost her balance.

11:58PM - Laosirikul comes back for her third and final attempt at 114 kg. It was a good clean but just did not have any more energy for the jerk, she remains in fifth place in the clean and jerk.

11:56PM: Jyounghwa fails on her third attempt and her total is not enough to finish inside the medals. Meanwhile, Laosirikul of Thailand fails on her second attempt and she is ranked fifth. Looks like China is on their way to their first gold medal of these games and it didn't take long.

11:52PM: Ozkan has now pulled into second after a successful third attempt. Now we see Chinese hopeful Xiexie Chen complete her first attempt at the clean and jerk and she now moves into first place.

11:50PM: Miyake finishes outside of the medals in fifth place after failing in her third attempt at this clean and jerk.

11:48PM: Jyounghwa is still in first place after a solid clean and jerk in her second attempt.

11:46PM - Miyake of Japan obviously looks very disappointed with herself after failing on her second attempt. She falls to fifth position.

11:42PM - So far the top lifters have all cleared their first attempts at the clean and jerk, including Wei-Ling Chen of Chinese Taipei and Sibei Ozkan of Turkey. Ozkan is back on the stage at her second attempt.

11:39PM - Now we have our first look in this clean and jerk portion at the Korean IM Jyounghwa, who is successful in her first lift.

11:36PM - Nowl fails at her third attempt and she will finish with a total of 177kg lifted in this competition. The Japanese lifter Miromo Miyake on her first attempt does a very good lift.

11:34PM - Noel has her first no lift of the night as she struggles to maintain stability in her second attempt at this clean and jerk. She is still ranked first.

11:32PM - A clean and simple lift for Melanie Noel of France. Now Poland's Karpinska is on her final attempt and she fails to even do the clean. Currently, she is third.

11:26PM - Oshiro of Japan is still in the lead and Karpinska of Poland is ranked second as we continue with the clean and jerk competition. Oshiro on her third attempt, fails to make the lift at 96kg. She remains in first position as we see anew group of lifters take the stage.

11:19PM - WW: We are back with coverage of the women's weightlifting flyweight competition. Right now we are seeing lifters who had trouble on their snatch lifts now attempting to be successful in the clean and jerk. Misaki Oshiro was one of those lifters and she was able to nail the jerk and keep her in contention after her first attempt.

11:00PM - WW: We will now focus on the weightlifting competition as Xiexia Chen has the lead following the snatch competition. We will have more LIVE BLOG coverage when we return with the clean and jerk portion of the competition.

10:56PM - WS: Katerina Emmons is your first Olympic champion of the Beijing Olympic Games. She captures the gold medal in the sport of shooting in the Women's 10m Air Rifle Competition at the Olympic Shooting Hall. She wins by a score of 503.5, Galkina stays in second and captures silver and Pejcic gets the bronze. And just an FYI, Katerina Emmons is married to the U.S. shooter Matthew Emmons, whom we will be seeing compete later in these games.

10:54PM - WS: Just one more shot left and the first Olympic champion will be crowned. It will most likely be Czech Republic's Katerina Emmons as she has a stable lead. Du Li has fallen to fifth. Galkina rose back to second and just shot a 10.0.

10:52PM - WW: Wow, Turkey's Sibel Ozkan with a very impressive lift of 88kg in her third attempt as the competition gets closer. Meanwhile, China's Xiexia Chen makes her Olympic debut with a powerful lift.

10:49PM - WS: Emmons has a little less than a two point lead over Pejcic of Croatia as we enter the eighth round of competition. Emmons has been very consistent while Pejcic has made several shots outside of the ten point mark. Emmons still has the lead after eight shots.

10:44PM - Women's Weightlifting (WW) - We take our first look now at the weightlifting competition and we are still in the snatch competition. IM Jyounghwa was on her second attempt in the snatch and she was able to do her lift and thus she remains in the lead. Meanwhile, Wei-Ling Chen who is trying to challenge the Korean failed on her second attempt in the snatch.

10:41PM - WS: Emmons, Pejcic of Croatia and Galkina of Russia are the top three in that order. And China's Du Li still in fourth place. In the sport of shooting, the athlete is the only one that can control his/her destiny. So far, Emmons has come out as the better shooter. She has just shot a 10.2 in the fifth round of shooting.

10:39PM - WS: Just want to mention that the scores from qualifying do carryover into the finals as the third round of shooting takes place. Emmons has shot a little poorly compared to her past shots but still shootinga 9.7, she remains in first place. Du Li, with a 10.1, remains in fourth place.
10:35PM - WS: Emmons again shooting very cleanly with a 10.7 here at Beijing Shooting Hall. Emmons is still in first place. Du Li remains in fourth place.

10:32PM - Women's Shooting (WS): Katerina Emmons for the Czech Republic and who had the top qualifying score, accomplishing an Olympic record, is currently in the lead. Chinese favorite Du Li is in fourth.

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